This book is dedicated to my two sons, Langdon and Braden, and my nephews and niece, in hopes that they too may enjoy and preserve the memories and photographs of their ancestors.

As I am interested in the preservation and restoration of all things pertaining to the family unit, the home, and the decorative arts as utilized in family living; so it is understandable why I am a collector of antique furniture and furnishings, old photographs, and memories of times past. When I married into this family of savers and givers, maybe it was fitting that I too, should collect and pass along that which was given to me by both my husband's grandmothers. And so I pass along to you in this family album--a large selection of photographs, tintypes, and daguerreotypes; records from their family Bibles, and memoirs from the old attic trunk.

Now mind you, not all things included in this book were merely bestowed upon me. Much research was done at local libraries and courthouses. Countless hours through the years were spent on Sunday afternoons with Grandmother, asking for information and begging for pictures.

In this book I have written an account of each family, unless otherwise noted where information was provided by another source. Follow your grandparents back through nine generations in America. This book is your family tree. Enjoy it!

J. L. H.

The Descendants of John Hustoles (1852-1916)

Within these pages you can trace your grandparents, find cousins you didn’t know you had. Or maybe, as you read this you will conjure up memories of good times spent with aunts and uncles.

Before I started research on this family, I didn’t know the last name of my own grandmother. And after I found out that there were twins in our family, I was on my mission to find them, along with everyone else, and put them in their respective places on our own family tree.

We have been in these United States but a mere 100 years. We can take our place among the many immigrant families that flooded this country in the late 1800’s.

We may not be important among the numbers, but isn’t it important to you to know who you are, and where you came from, so you can decide where you’re going in your own small scheme of things? It is to me, and that was my purpose in writing this.

Jane Lee Hustoles Himebaugh

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