1. Dr. Larry Dayne HIMEBAUGH was born on 25 Aug 1940 in Coldwater, Branch County, MI. (1) He was a Dentist.

Larry D. Himebaugh was born August 25, 1940 in Coldwater, Branch County, Michigan. He was the oldest of three boys born to Dayne and Ardis (Morehouse) Himebaugh. His young years were spent in the country at a small home not far from the farms of both grandparents. With the onset of World War II the family moved from Branch County to the Detroit suburb of Wayne, his father seeking work in the bomber plant at Willow Run airport. As the war progressed, his father was drafted into the Navy. So Larry, with his mother and younger brother, moved back to Branch County to live with his maternal grandmother on the farm where his mother had grown up.

In the country, Larry attended his first year of school at Butcher School, a one-room country school teaching grades 1 through 8. By the time he was seven, his father had returned home from the war. In the fall, just two weeks into his second school year, the family moved from the country to the neighboring small town of Quincy, buying a home on Wood Avenue. From 1947 to 1967 the family called Wood Avenue home, living in two houses on that street. Larry attended grade school and high school in Quincy, graduating in 1958, where he was active in boy scouting and sports--playing football, baseball, and track.

Ambitious, almost to the point of being driven, Larry had a steady job from the age of 10. Working both before and after school, he held a paper route for six years, then was an apprentice meat cutter for a small butcher shop for two. During his college years he spent five summers working as a lifeguard at Pokagon State Park beach in Indiana. This income fulfilled Larry's need for independence, funded his hobby for hydroplane racing during high school, and paid for college incidentals and a wardrobe.

His parents encouraged education; Larry continued his by attending Kalamazoo College after graduation from high school in 1958. He graduated from college in 1962 with a B.A. degree in Biology, and then went on to dental school the following autumn. It was at Kalamazoo that he met Jane Lee Hustoles of Westchester, Illinois. They were married in the summer of 1963 on July 13, following Jane's completion of her B.A. degree at Kalamazoo. Larry had one year of dental school behind him then, studying at the University of Detroit School of Dentistry. They spent three more years together living in student housing in the ghetto, while he attended classes and Jane worked as an advertising lay-out artist for the K-Mart division of the S.S. Kresge Company in the city. Larry graduated with honors in May 1966, with a Doctor's degree in Dental Surgery. His education had gone the gamut, from a one-room country school to a university Doctorate degree.

Now, Jane on the other hand had grown up a city-suburban girl. She was born an only child to John and Irene (Weiss) Hustoles on August 23, 1941, in the Chicago suburb of Oak Park, Illinois. At the age of four she moved with her parents 20 miles west, from the city to suburban Westchester, Illinois. Jane attended Westchester public grade schools and Proviso Township High School, where she was active on the school newspaper as Literary Editor and in Art Club. Then it was on to Kalamazoo College for a degree in biology and art. In the spring of 1966, having both completed their degrees, Larry and Jane moved from Detroit to the Chicago suburb of Glenview, Illinois following his assignment to active duty in the U.S. Naval Dental Corps. As Lieutenant, he was a commissioned officer serving two years as a Navy dentist at Glenview Naval Air Station.

After completion of active duty, Larry moved his family back to Michigan to establish a home and private practice in Grand Rapids. He practiced dentistry for over thirty years, first as a solo practitioner and later as head of a three-man corporation.

In the early 1970’s, while raising two sons, Langdon born in 1966 and Braden in 1970, Jane became active in the community and served as secretary and president of the Grand Rapids Branch of the American Association of University Women. After the boys entered school, she took an active role in Larry’s group practice working as business manager for 15 years.

They maintained a home in suburban Ada, Michigan for more than 20 years and another in Key West, Florida that was purchased as a winter residence. This was the Florida town Larry fell in love with after serving two tours of reserve duty with the Navy there in 1970 and 1972. While still in the navy reserve, Larry took advantage of the GI Bill to take flying lessons. He received his private pilot’s license in 1972 and flew as a hobby for several years.

On one-to-one Larry was a talker but never had much to say in a group. He liked to give advice, maybe a little more than you wanted to hear, but it was given in sincere regard. His sense of humor was unending and he had a natural talent for putting people at ease.

Larry had an overwhelming love for all music but was especially fond of jazz, blues and soul. Front row center seating was a coveted prize when his favorite musicians or artists came to town. Having that "joie de vivre", he loved to entertain and was an attentive host who anticipated his guests’ every need.

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