10. Egbert Earl SWAN was born on 16 Oct 1850 in Union Twp., Branch County, MI. (31) He died on 24 Jan 1903 in Bethel Twp., Branch County, MI. He was a Farmer. He was buried in Snow Prairie Cemetery, Branch County, MI. (32) He was married to Matilda Albina WAKEFIELD on 26 Nov 1891 in Bronson, Branch County, MI.

On October 16, 1850, Egbert Earl Swan was the first child born to Hiram and Mary Elizabeth (Squires) Swan in Union Township, Branch County, Michigan. He was a farmer and life long resident of Branch County.

At about the age of 26, he married Eva Angeline Smith. They had one son born in 1878, Oral Swan, who lived only a month. Five months later in August, Eva Angeline died. It was five years before Egbert took a new wife; he married Alice Fenno on May 29, 1883. They had one daughter, Leona May Swan, born May 19, 1885. Tragedy struck again when Egbert’s second wife, Alice, died. He was left to raise his daughter alone.

However, he met and then married on November 26, 1891 a beautiful widow with a single daughter the same age as his own. She was Matilda Albina Wakefield Waddill (widow of Clarence Waddill), born in Bristol, Indiana on January 5, 1862 to Albinus M. Wakefield and Maranda M. Harris.

At the time of their marriage, both their daughters were six years of age with there birthdays only four months apart. Matilda’s daughter, Merle G. Waddill, was born on September 14, 1885. Five years after their union, ‘Bert and Tillie’ as they were called, were blessed with a third daughter, a little sister for the girls. She was Cora Marie Swan, born in Bethel Township on December 10, 1896, eleven years younger than her two half-sisters.

Sadly, Egbert died young at 52, on January 24, 1903, leaving Matilda again with a young daughter at home. Cora was only six years of age; her sisters were seventeen. Matilda remarried eight years later in September 1911 to Fred Fowler.

Matilda died in Bethel Township on April 16, 1940. She is buried next to her husband Egbert in Snow Prairie Cemetery, Branch County, Michigan.

11. Matilda Albina WAKEFIELD was born on 5 Jan 1862 in Bristol, Elkhart County, IN. She died on 16 Apr 1940 in Bethel Twp., Branch County, MI. (33) Children were:

child5 i. Cora Marie SWAN.

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