44. William WAKEFIELD was born in 178?. He died in prob. Ohio.

William Wakefield’s birth date was determined to be in the early 1780’s, given the information in the 1830 Federal Census. William was listed in that census as living in Green Township, Trumbull County, Ohio with his wife, that being Lucina Key, and five sons under the age of 10 and one daughter between the age of 10 and 15. On the next page of the same census can be found Ephraim Kee (possibly Lucina’s father) residing with his wife and two grown sons, ages 15 to 30.

Family record has given us the names of each of their six children; Marcus Aurelius, Matilda Ossilla, Marcelus Albertus, Albinus Metalus, Carlton Clark, and William Alger. Their daughter Matilda’s obituary stated that she was born in Trumbull County, Ohio in 1820, confirming this family’s location in the 1830 census. It also stated that the family later moved to Seneca County, Ohio where Matilda was subsequently married to James McNitt in 1837.

Family lore tells that Lucina Key was a relative of Francis Scott Key, author of The Star Spangled Banner, however the relationship has yet to be determined.

45. Lucina KEE . Children were:

child i. Marcus Aurelius WAKEFIELD was born in 1818. He spent his later years as a resident of Washington, Elkhart County, IN.
Marcus fathered six children.
child ii. Matilda Ossilla WAKEFIELD was born in 1820 in Trumble County, Ohio. (158) She died on 26 Jan 1892 in Branch County, MI.(159) She was buried in Lester Cemetery, Branch County, MI.(160) She had seven children.
child iii. Marcelus Albertus WAKEFIELD.
child22 iv. Albinus Metalus WAKEFIELD.
child v. Carlton Clark WAKEFIELD was born in 1828 in Ohio.(161) He died in Jun 1888 in Iowa.(162)
child vi. William Alger WAKEFIELD was born in 1830 in Ohio. (163)

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