46. William HARRIS died in 1835. He was married to Sally HOLCOMB in 1817.

Sally Holbomb was born in Harpersfield, Cayuga County, New York, February 7, 1800. She married William Harris in 1817 and they moved to Branch County, Michigan in 1834. Her husband died in 1835 leaving her with nine children. She married again in 1837 to William Milburn of Gilead, Michigan. They had two children. She later married Mr. J. B. Aldrich of Girard, Michigan and lived with him about two years when he died. Soon after, she married Peter Lawson of Girard. He lived only about six months. Two years later, she married Isaac Quimby of Ovid, Michigan in 1846. They lived together four years when she was again left a widow.

In 1850 she married Jessie Hardin of La Grange County, Indiana. He lived little more than a year. In 1853 she married Horace Crandal of Wanrean, Fulton County, Ohio. He was the husband of her deceased sister. She lived with him for 20 years when she went blind.

With seven husbands to her credit and all but possibly the last proceeding her in death—might the life of Sally Holcomb be a story of misfortunate circumstances, or possibly another tale of "Arsenic and Old Lace"? We’ll never know for sure.

47. Sally HOLCOMB was born on 7 Feb 1800 in Harpersfield, Cayuga County, NY. She died in 1873. Children were:

child i. Hosia HARRIS was born in 1817 in Ohio.(164) He was a Farmer.
child ii. Ursula HARRIS. Ursula's husband and small baby were struck and killed by lightening during a
storm while living on a farm in Gilead, Michigan. Her doctor gave her
morphine for her nerves, after which she became addicted to the drug.
child23 iii. Maranda Malvina HARRIS.

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