256. Peter HEIMBACH died PROB. 1785 in prob. Pennsylvania. (261) He was born in Germany. (262)

(The following story about the first Heimbachs, later Himebaughs, who came to America, is reprinted from material obtained by Preston Hinebaugh of Columbus, Ohio.)

Back in the 1700’s, Germans swarmed across the Atlantic to find new homes in William Penn’s Colony of Pennsylvania. With the close of the Revolution and the opening of lands beyond the Ohio River, sons and grandsons of these immigrants thronged on to newer homesteads in the Northwest Territory.

One 18th century arrival whose family moved in this pattern was Peter Heimbach. He was among the 503 passengers aboard the sailing ship, DRAGON, when she dropped anchor off the port of Philadelphia on September 29, 1749. Late in the preceding June, the DRAGON had departed from Rotterdam to begin the three-month passage across the Atlantic, broken only by the necessary gesture of putting in at Deal on the Channel coast. British law then required that any ship bound for a British colony must leave from a British port.

Peter Heimbach and his wife, Elizabeth, came from the Rhineland to make their new home in Pennsylvania. Possibly their old home was not too remote from Coblentz, where the Moselle rolls down from France to join the Rhine.

Six years before, Peter’s brother, Mattes (Mathias) had gone ahead to the new country and had taken up a tract of land about 50 miles west of Philadelphia, where Berks County now borders on Lehigh. On September 30, 1749, Peter Heimbach stepped before the proper authority in Philadelphia and made his oath of allegiance to the British Crown and set forth to join his brother.

Peter is recorded as a communicant of the Reformed Lutheran Church in Upper Milford Township, Northampton County, in 1751 and 1752. Northampton then embraced what is now a dozen counties of northeastern Pennsylvania. Reformed and Lutheran then shared their church buildings in the Pennsylvania Colony. Upper Milford Township is in Lehigh County now as Lynn Township, where Peter bought 50 acres of land in 1753. That year his son Philip was born. By 1768, Peter had 100 acres of land in Lynn, 15 of it cleared, 85 woodland, and 65 acres more in adjacent Weisenberg Township, of which 50 still were woodland. By 1768, he also had two more sons, Jacob born in 1755, and George Henry born in 1760. No daughters are named in the record, although there may have been some.

During the Revolution, Peter did his duty. A mature man, past 50, he was enrolled in the 8th company of the 4th battalion of Northampton County, Capt. John Wagner commanding. Peter might have seen service against the Indians sent down from the north by the British to harass the outposts. His four sons also were in the fight, and Michael was more than a mere militiaman; he was a soldier of the Continental line for five years on the frontier.

The last son of Peter, Sr., who had died about 1785, was Peter Jr. He was born in 1770, too late for the Revolution, and he was the first to head westward. Scarcely at his majority, he took a land claim in Northumberland County in 1791. Sixteen years later, he had moved to Ohio and had taken a wife, Christina Luke, on June 21, in that portion of Jefferson County, which is now Harrison County. They had five sons; George, Peter III, Daniel, William, and Joseph; and one daughter, Margaret. Christina died in 1826, and Peter in 1854, in or near Rumley. After Peter crossed the Ohio River, he spelled his name Himebaugh.

257. Elizabeth was born in Germany. (263) Children were:

child i. John HEIMBACH was born in 1748.(264) He died in 1790.(265) No further records exist for John.
child ii. George HEIMBACH was born in 1749.(266) He died about 1835.(267) George was the ancestor of Preston HINEBAUGH of Columbus, Ohio who has collected considerable data establishing this descent.
child128 iii. Michael HEIMBACH.
child iv. Philip HEIMBACH was born in 1753 in Lynn Township, Lehigh County, PA. (268) He died in 1833. (269) Philip married Elizabeth BARBARA. They had 10 children.
child v. Jacob HEIMBACH was born in 1755.(270) He died in 1816.(271) Jacob seems to have had a son, Daniel (1775-1824).
child vi. George Henry HEIMBACH was born in 1760.(272) He died in 1854.(273) No further records exist for George Henry.
child vii. Peter HEIMBACH Jr. was born in 1770.(274) He died in 1854.(275) Peter married Christina LUKE and they had six children. Peter moved westward from Pennsylvania to Ohio. This family is sometimes designated as the Ohio group of Himebaughs.

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