2. L. Dayne HIMEBAUGH was born on 14 Mar 1918 in Bethel Twp., Branch County, MI. (2) He was a Barber. He was married to Ardis Marie MOREHOUSE on 13 Jan 1939 in Bronson, Branch County, MI.

Lloyd Dayne Himebaugh was born March 14, 1918 in Bethel Township, Branch County, Michigan. He was the first born and only son of A. Leason Himebaugh and Cora M. Swan. He was raised on the 40-acre family farm along with his two sisters, Hilda and Joyce. He graduated from Bronson High School in 1937 and proceeded to follow his father in the family business, serving as an apprentice barber for one year under his father, who taught him the trade.

On January 13, 1939 Dayne and Ardis Marie Morehouse were married at the Methodist Parsonage in Bronson, Michigan. She was the daughter of Edward J. and Jessie Marie (Coons) Morehouse. Ardis had graduated from Bronson High School as well in 1938. She had been the girl down the road, from a nearby farm. In high school, she had driven to town every morning passing by Dayne as he walked several miles to school each day. She wasn't ignoring him but he couldn't afford to chip in for gas as her other riders did.

After marrying, Dayne left barbering and went to work as a laborer in a foundry in Coldwater. The work was heavy but the pay was good, and he was now independent of his father and supporting a wife and new son, Larry Dayne, born August 25, 1940. Then three years later their second son, Robert Bruce, was born in Coldwater on October 8, 1943.

Two years after the onset of World War II, Dayne moved his family to the Detroit area to work in the bomber plant at Willow Run airport. As the war progressed, the likelihood of his being drafted became imminent and Dayne was called to service. He entered active duty in the Navy on August 7, 1945 and served as seaman second class for just over eight months until April 1946, where he was stationed overseas in Guam. Shortly after his arrival in Guam, the men were asked for volunteers in the barbering trade. Leaning on the experience he had gained from his father, he volunteered, as he saw this as better duty than his current job of chipping paint aboard ship. He spent his remaining months as an officer's barber and found he rather enjoyed the work. After his discharge he returned home to Coldwater and returned to the family barbershop where he would work the rest of his life.

After returning home to Branch County, the family bought a home in neighboring Quincy where they lived for about twenty years. Alan Keith, their third son was born here on January 31, 1948. Dayne became active on the Quincy Community School Board, serving the community for 11 years from 1956 to 1967 as both president and treasurer during his term.

Dayne, like his father, continued the tradition of the growing and selling of Christmas trees. He and a partner developed a 20-acre farm near Sand Lake. Later his three sons assisted in the operation of a farm near Kinderhook at Dragon Lake. At their Christmas tree farm in Hillsdale County, affectionately know as 'Rancho', every weekend Dayne and partner, Bob, hosted family and friends who just happened to stop by, and routinely roasted a dozen chickens to feed them. Dayne was steady at what he did and needed little diversion from the week's routine to please himself, but perhaps a few occasional hours spent fishing for Blue Gills in the nearby lakes.

With her family being of primary importance, Ardis spent years as a homemaker until her oldest son reached high school age. Then she saw the need for additional income to fund the boys' education beyond high school. She enrolled in Beauty school in 1954 at nearby Hillsdale and when she completed her training, Ardis opened a hair salon in her home. She employed three to four other girls to work for her and continued her business by moving to a main-street Quincy location where she opened and operated the Beauty Center until the business was sold in 1967. She accomplished her goal, as all three sons completed college.

A conversationalist by choice, Ardis enjoyed talking with people and had a need to influence them for the better. She was particularly fond of children, animals (especially stray cats and dogs) and less fortunate human beings. She also enjoyed cooking and her family has fond memories of plentiful Sunday dinners and great cinnamon rolls.

In 1966, Ardis and Dayne built a large home at Dragon Lake, then a second smaller home there before finally moving back to Coldwater in 1974 where they were closer to Dayne’s work, family and friends. Dayne continued to operate his barber business part-time well into his retirement years and he was still working one day a week even after he sold his barbershop in 1997.

Ardis died November 18, 1994 of Alzheimer’s disease, after residing five years in a nursing home.

3. Ardis Marie MOREHOUSE was born on 1 Jul 1919 in Niles, Berrien County, MI. She died on 18 Nov 1994 in Coldwater, Branch County, MI. (3) She was a Beautician. She was buried in Snow Prairie Cem., Branch County, MI. Children were:

child1 i. Dr. Larry Dayne HIMEBAUGH.
child ii. R. Bruce HIMEBAUGH was born on 8 Oct 1943 in Coldwater, Branch County, MI. He was a Human Resources Director.
child iii. Alan Keith HIMEBAUGH was born on 31 Jan 1948 in Coldwater, Branch County, MI. He was a Cert. Public Accountant. Alan and Barbara are both 1966 graduates of Quincy Community Schools. He earned a Bachelor of Business Administration from Western Michigan University in 1970. He has done graduate work at the University of Texas in San Antonio, and is a licensed CPA in Michigan and Texas. He and his family moved to San Antonio in the early 1970's for about five years. After returning to Michigan, in 1980 Alan joined Dennis Echelbarger and established the firm of Echelbarger & Himebaugh. They live on a 40-acre farm in Quincy, MI

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