6. Edward Jersiah MOREHOUSE was born on 24 Mar 1892 in Niles, Berrien County, MI. He died on 16 Sep 1957 in Coldwater, Branch County, MI.(11) He was a Lithographer. He was married to Jessie Marie COONS on 11 Oct 1913 in Benton Harbor, Berrien Co., MI.(12) He was divorced from Jessie Marie COONS in 1928.

Born Edward Jersiah Morehouse on March 24, 1892 in Niles, Michigan, he was the son of Charles and Mary E. (Park) Morehouse. His father worked as a laborer to provide for his family of five children, Arthur, Clara, Mary, Edward and Bertha. Although Edward attended school in Niles, he did not graduate but instead, received training in a trade as a lithographer.

On October 11, 1913 he married Jessie Marie Coons. She had just completed high school in Niles that spring. The caption under her photograph in the 1913 yearbook read, "The fairest of the rural maids." And the class prophecy predicted she would refuse several offers of marriage, --"for your heart will in all your travels still be with your first love, a country lad with whom you attended High School".

Jessie Marie was born on the farm in Cass county, Michigan on April 26, 1893, the daughter of Charles Alvin Coons and Jessie May Pullman. Her friends and family knew her as 'Marie', as her mother used the name Jessie. She was the youngest daughter in a family of five children, also. Her father was a successful farmer and Marie had many pleasant memories of her family and her life on the farm.

Edward and Marie had two children, Edward Lester born in 1914, then Ardis Marie born in 1919 in Niles, Berrien County, Michigan. Edward was working as a lithographer in Niles but dreamed of owning a farm. In the 1920's the family bought land in Branch County. But Edward was not successful at farming and soon found he could not provide a living for his family from the soil. It had been an unwise decision to leave lithography and enter farming.

On April 20, 1928 Edward and Marie were divorced. Marie remained on the farm to raise their two children. Edward moved to Philadelphia where he was close to his sister's family. There, he again found work as a lithographer with the National Label Company. He remained in Philadelphia until a few years before his death from Parkinson’s disease.

In Bryan, Ohio on April 16, 1940, Marie married Charles A. Green, twelve years after her divorce. He was the farmer across the street, a long time friend. They married to give a stable home life to Charles' nephew, Jim. Jim was born, Lester Doty, in August of 1935, son of Carl S. Doty and Estella E. Green, Charles' sister.

Upon the death of Estella, after complications from childbirth, they took the baby to raise as their own leaving the two older siblings, Paul and Floyd, to be raised by their father. Thus Marie nurtured a third child, giving him a warm, loving home. They adopted him and called him Jim rather than Lester, as not to confuse him with Marie's son, Lester Morehouse.

Marie was best loved by friends and family for her warm hospitality and her talent to entertain a large gathering with outstanding country cooking that she served with ease. She was most remembered by her grandchildren for always serving dessert as the first course at the dinner table and for taking them on their birthdays to the harness races at the County fair. She was outgoing and spirited, and consequently became involved in her community through church and grange functions, campaigning door to door if need be to further her causes.

Marie knew the value of education, although she had not been given the opportunity beyond high school, she encouraged her son to seek an advanced degree. Lester received his degree in education from Branch County Normal College in Coldwater, then a two year program. During World War II, he enlisted in the Air Force, attended Officer Candidate School and was commissioned as a Lieutenant prior to being stationed in England for four years.

Ardis followed in her mother's footsteps. She married within the year following her graduation from high school.

Marie outlived both her husbands, she died July 27, 1964 at the age of 71. Charles Green preceded her in death in September of 1953. Edward J. Morehouse died September 16, 1957.

7. Jessie Marie COONS was born on 26 Apr 1893 in Cass County, MI. She died on 27 Jul 1964 in Coldwater, Branch County, MI. (13) Children were:

child i. Edward Lester MOREHOUSE was born on 26 Oct 1914 in Berrien County, MI. He was an Account, Business Owner. He fathered no children.
child3 ii. Ardis Marie MOREHOUSE.

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