14. Charles Alvin COONS was born on 10 Aug 1861 in Mason, Cass County, MI. (36) He died after 1914. He was a Farmer. He was married to Jessie May PULLMAN on 19 Jul 1883 in Niles, Berrien County, MI. (37)

Charles Alvin Coons was born to Moses and Ann (Morse) Coons on August 10, 1861, in Cass County, Michigan. He met, and then married Jessie May Pullman of Niles on July 19, 1883. She was 19. He was 21, dashing and lean. He had courted her with the loveliest of paper-lace encrusted valentines that she saved for a lifetime. Hence, he won her heart from afar, while he worked in Sac City, Iowa for a short period of time. He returned home to marry her and establish their residence in Cass County, Michigan.

They maintained a farm of 85 acres in Milton Township in 1896, which was of ambitious size considering the land had to be tilled by hand behind a horse drawn plow. Charles can be seen pictured with his team of horses and his family beside their farm home in Milton Township in 1895.

The last three of their five children were born in Cass County, those being Ralph P., Clyde A., Gladys M., Jessie Marie, and Charles Lester. By 1914 the family was farming a 128-acre farm in Section 7 of Milton Township, again a sizable farm for the times.

A date for Charles’ death has not been established, however his wife preceeded him in death on July 25, 1936 at the age of 72. She was born December 30, 1863 in Niles, Michigan, the daughter of Susannah M. (Needham) and Joseph M. Pullman.

Jessie May PULLMAN

15. Jessie May PULLMAN was born on 30 Dec 1863 in Niles, Berrien County, MI. (38) She died on 25 Jul 1936.(39) Children were:

child i. Ralph P. COONS was born on 9 Dec 1884 in Berrien County, MI. He died on 13 Mar 1956.
child ii. Clyde A. COONS was born on 30 Dec 1886 in Berrien County, MI.
child iii. Gladys M. COONS was born on 26 Nov 1890 in Cass County, MI.
child7 iv. Jessie Marie COONS.
child v. Charles L. COONS was born on 18 Jan 1896 in Cass County, MI. He died on 26 Nov 1898 in Cass County, MI.

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