30. Joseph M. PULLMAN was born on 16 Oct 1815 in Onondaga County, NY. (101) He died on 17 Aug 1900 in South Bend, St. Joseph Co., IN. (102) He was a Carpenter. He was buried in Niles City Cemetery, Berrien County, MI.(103) He was married to Susannah Maria NEEDHAM on 17 Mar 1841 in Oakland County, MI.

(The following excerpts are reprinted from an article in The Chicago Sunday Chronicle, dated March 13, 1898. Prompted by the death of his rich and famous Nephew, George M. Pullman, this article was written about Joseph M. Pullman.)

Joseph M. PullmanJoseph M. Pullman was born October 16, 1815, in Onondaga county, New York. He was the youngest son of Elizabeth and Psalter Pullman. The next oldest boy was Lewis, father of the man who later was destined to become one of the richest men of the union. There were seven members of the family--Joseph, Lewis, John, Nathaniel, Moses, and Ester and Abigail, all of whom preceded Joseph in death.

In 1838 part of the Pullman family came to Michigan, Lewis and family moved to Grand Rapids and Joseph to Oakland County. On March 17, 1841 he was joined in wedlock to Susannah Needham, and they moved to Niles, five years later occupying the house in which they continually resided until death parted them. Five children were born to them, three boys and two girls; James, John, Lydia E., Walter, and Jessie May. One son, James, gave up his life at New Orleans fighting for the flag.

Mr. Pullman’s recollection of George M. Pullman began when the latter was yet in knickerbockers. From early childhood the younger man developed a business tact that it was predicted would later build him a fortune. He was always on the outlook for any chance that would win him fame, exhibiting in early boyhood a pertinacity that did not yield until death suddenly and without warning removed him.

George was Joseph’s favorite nephew, but the intimacy that in early years existed between nephew and uncle unfortunately was not continued in after years, when the multimillionaire almost forgot the existence of his aged uncle. When his brother Lewis and family moved to Chicago George, the son, took up the occupation of house moving, and another son Alfred, sought bookkeeping. At odd times they were much together, seemingly occupied on some problem that was of great interest to them. To this day Joseph M. Pullman believed that Alfred Pullman was as much the inventor of the palace car as was George M. Pullman.

Some years after, the immense Pullman’s Palace Car works were established and the model town became a reality. George M. Pullman and his aged uncle did not forget their relationship. Through the early 1890’s Joseph Pullman was a frequent and welcome visitor to the home of his millionaire nephew. When the cares of the business world occupied the attention of the nephew the aged uncle was not forgotten.

When old age came upon him, and the efforts to eke out a livelihood became more difficult, occasionally substantial gifts would come from the nephew. On the occasion of his seventy-fifth birthday the magnate remembered him with a $100 check and a fine chair. When the illness of Mrs. Joseph Pullman became serious a trained nurse was sent to her bedside unsolicited, and her salary came from a fund in the First National Bank. This fund remained until the death of George M. Pullman, when it was withdrawn, and to pay funeral expenses Joseph Pullman was compelled to dispose of the only piece of real estate he owned except his home.

For years Mr. Pullman had been a familiar figure in Niles. Coming here when a young man, in the prime of life, he had grown old with the town. He became attached so strongly to the beautiful ‘city of maples’ that entreaties of his children failed to induce him to give up his home and live with them. Mr. Pullman was a carpenter by trade. He had assisted materially in building up part of the town. His love for it was so strong that death alone could part him from it.

Mr. Pullman never was a wealthy man. His living was modest. He limited his expenses to his earnings and when old age came upon the couple it found them in great distress. In the dark hours of sickness and sadness occasionally assistance came to them from their wealthy nephew, but when death entered the modest home even this assistance was denied.

(Joseph M. Pullman died August 17, 1900 in South Bend, Indiana. His wife preceded him in death on February 22, 1898. Both are buried at Niles City Cemetery, Berrien County, Michigan.)

Susannah Maria NEEDHAM

31. Susannah Maria NEEDHAM was born on 22 May 1823 in Tompkins County, NY. (104) She died on 22 Feb 1898 in Niles, Berrien County, MI. She was buried in Niles City Cemetery, Berrien County, MI. Children were:

child i. James PULLMAN was born on 1 Sep 1843 in Michigan. (105) He died in New Orleans, LA.
child ii. John PULLMAN was born on 5 Mar 1846 in Niles, Berrien County, MI. (106) He died on 16 Mar 1846.(107)
child iii. Lydia E. PULLMAN was born on 12 Aug 1847 in Niles, Berrien County, MI. (108)
child iv. Walter PULLMAN was born on 21 Apr 1853 in Niles, Berrien County, MI. (109)
child15 v. Jessie May PULLMAN.

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