26. Josiah Heritage PARK was born in 1816/17 in Mantua, Gloucester County, NJ. He was a Mariner. He was married to Martha A. MORRIS PROB. 1854.

Josiah Heritage Park born about 1816 or 1817 in the small town of Mantua, Gloucester Co., New Jersey was a man of the sea. He sailed the oceans and Great Lakes and made his living from the waters' bounties.

In the early 1850's Josiah took a young wife, probably his second. She was Martha A. Morris the ninth child of John Morris and Mary Quigg. It was said she was eighteen at the time although records could prove her younger. By the time their second child was born, their small family was living in Ontonagon on the shores

of Lake Superior in Northern Michigan's upper peninsula, a long journey from Martha's home in New York state. The children’s' birth records were taken from the family Bible of which the whereabouts are unknown.

27. Martha A. MORRIS was born between 19 Dec 1835 and 9. She died between 1891 and 1901. Children were:

child i. Ida PARK was born in Jun 1855. She died in 1857.
child13 ii. Mary Elizabeth PARK.
child iii. Benjamin Franklin PARK was born on 29 Mar 1859. (81) He died in 1941.(82)
child iv. George Washington PARK was born on 8 Jul 1861. (83) He died in 1946.(84)
child v. Samuel F. A. PARK was born on 3 Sep 1866.(85) He died on 28 Feb 1897.(86)
child vi. Theresa A. PARK was born on 17 Feb 1873.(87) She died on 1 Mar 1968.(88)
child vii. James M. PARK died on 2 Oct 1878.(89) He was born 21 ___ 1875.(90)
child viii. Martha J. PARK was born on 12 Dec 1879.(91) She died PROB. 1968.(92) They lived in Silver Springs, Maryland. Martha was nicknamed 'Mossie'.

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