4. A. Leason HIMEBAUGH was born on 24 May 1893 in Fawn River Twp., St. Joseph County, MI. He died on 25 Apr 1978 in Coldwater, Branch County, MI.(4) He was a Barber. He was buried in Snow Prairie Cemetery, Branch County, MI.(5) He was married to Cora Marie SWAN on 3 Jul 1916 in Branch County, MI.

(This information was compiled August 1976 by R. Bruce Himebaugh following an interview with Leason and Cora.)

Adrance Leason Himebaugh was born on May 24, 1893 in Branch County, Michigan, the third of eleven children born to Arthur and Violetta (Hopkins) Himebaugh. He attended a variety of schools during his youth and left school after the eight grade. He was living at the family home in Madison, Michigan when he left home at the age of seventeen to find employment. He immediately began farm work for his uncle Will Graves, Aunt Myrta's husband. He worked there and for others during the next six years. At the age of 22 he went to the Moeller Barbering School in Detroit for a three-week course. He then went to Sturgis to work after some short term jobs of barbering to get the required experience (required by the barber school).

Leason married Cora Marie Swan on July 3, 1916. He was 23 at the time and she had just finished her high school work at Bronson. Cora was born at Snow Prairie on December 10, 1896 and lived in Branch County during her youth.

They moved to Battle Creek where Leason barbered for about one year. In 1917 they moved back to Snow Prairie, south of the church, to the same house where Cora had been born. That home is no longer standing today. In 1918 Dayne was born in their home. Leason was engaged in a variety of work including farm work, foundry, and barbering. Hilda was born in the same house in 1923. In 1924 the family moved to a house at Green Street in Coldwater and they moved again to a house on Cory Street in Bronson in 1926 after Leason began barbering there. Joyce was born in 1927 while the family lived in Bronson. The family moved to a farm in Snow Prairie, north of the church, in February of 1928 where they were to live for 36 years.

It was on the Snow Prairie farm where the Himebaugh tradition of Christmas tree growing began. Leason and his son, Dayne, on 3 acres of land planted fifteen- thousand trees shortly after the move. Later Dayne and his three sons operated a Christmas tree business in Hillsdale County and at Dragon Lake, west of Kinderhook.

Leason worked in construction work for one year in Detroit and had various jobs, plumbing, cement work, etc., for Otis Buck in the Bronson area. He then opened and operated a barbershop on Hanchett Street in Coldwater. He worked at three locations on the same street. Dayne did barbering in the Navy and later joined his father in the family barbershop on Hanchett Street. Leason received his first barber liscense in 1917 and barbered over 50 years.

In January of 1964 the Snow Prairie farm was sold and a home was purchased in Quincy, Michigan. They spent 12 years at their Quincy home before moving to Coldwater in August of 1975 where they lived next to Dayne and Ardis for the remainder of their lives.

My personal reflections of ‘Grandpa’ Himebaugh include many happy memories of time spent at the Snow Prairie and Quincy homes where family gatherings were common. Card games were among the favorite activities. I have always been impressed with the great energy and sense of humor shown by ‘Grandpa’. He has always been a hard worker and generous with his resources. His life has been an example worth emulating and his family will always have an abiding love and respect for him.

A Collection of Poems by Cora M. Himebaugh

Cora Himebaugh was a quiet woman, spending her hours as a homemaker, raising three children and then two grandsons after the divorce of her oldest daughter. Days were spent in the kitchen; breads and pies were her forte. Then evenings were spent alone, often until midnight. An avid reader, Cora found this time for reading and writing--letters, entries in her diary, or poetry. Her poems tell of her love for life.

Always be in love with something,
Babies, gardens, autumn's gold,
Music, country roads and weather--
Love's a cure for growing old.

I will follow the upward road today,
I will keep my face to the light.
I will think high thoughts as I go my way,
I will do what I know is right.
I will look for the flowers by the side of the road,
I will laugh and love and be strong,
I will try to lighten another's load,
This day as I fare along.

--September 4, 1934

Because I have loved life,
I shall have no sorrow to die.
I have kissed young love on the lips,
I have had his love to the end.
I have set my hand like a seal,
In the loyal hand of a friend.
I leave a part of myself
To the world where my course is run.
I know that another will finish
The task I must leave undone.
I know that no flower, no thorn,
Was in vain on the path I trod.
As one looks on a face through the window,
Through life I have looked on God.
Because I have loved life,
I shall have no sorrow to die.

--December 6, 1978

5. Cora Marie SWAN died on 29 Dec 1978 in Ashley, Steuben County, IN. (6) She was born 9/10 DEC 1896 in Bethel Twp., Branch County, MI.(7) She was buried in Snow Prairie Cemetery, Branch County, MI.(8) Children were:

child2 i. L. Dayne HIMEBAUGH.
child ii. Hilda Carol HIMEBAUGH was born on 26 Feb 1923 in Bethel Twp., Branch County, MI. (9) She was a Beautician. Hilda married Duane Houtz in 1940 and they were divorced six years later.
They had two sons, Phillip and Lyn. The children were raised by their
maternal grandparents on the family farm in Bronson, Michigan. Hilda later
married Robert Cramer.
child iii. Nedra Joyce HIMEBAUGH was born on 20 Apr 1927 in Bronson, Branch County, MI.(10) She was a Factory worker. Joyce married David Losinski of Bronson, Michigan on August 21, 1948. They
had two children, Lana Sue and Judy Kay.

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