62. James S. NEEDHAM was born on 3 Feb 1796 in Fishkill, Dutchess County, NY. (201) He died on 18 Dec 1873. He was married to Lydia ANDREWS on 22 Jun 1820 in Cayuga County, NY.(202)

On February 3, 1796, James S. Needham was born in Fishkill, Dutchess County,

New York. He was the son of James and Ariantje Needham. At the age of 24 he took Lydia A. Andrews for his wife and the Reverend Mr. Smith married them on June 22, 1820 in Cayuga County, New York. She was 17 at the time but only four days away from her eighteenth birthday, having been born on June 26, 1802 in Lansing, Cayuga County, New York.

After their marriage, they moved to Tompkins County, New York where their first three children were born. By 1828 they were living in Seneca County, New York where the remaining children were born. Of the six children in the family, only one was a girl; they were David Moore, Susannah Maria, Lewis Joel, James Sylvester, John Summerfield, and Joseph Chambers.

Their first-born, David died at the age of eleven, another son, John, passed away at twenty-one. Their daughter, Susannah, in her family Bible kept accurate records of births and deaths.

James and Lydia died the same year, 1873. She lived to age 70 and he was 77.

63. Lydia ANDREWS was born on 26 Jun 1802 in Lansing, Cayuga County, NY.(203) She died on 4 Feb 1873. Children were:

child i. David Moore NEEDHAM was born on 16 Mar 1821 in Tompkins County, NY. (204) He died on 2 Aug 1832.(205)
child31 ii. Susannah Maria NEEDHAM.
child iii. Lewis Joel NEEDHAM died on 23 Dec 18.(206) He was born on 16 Mar 1826 in Tompkins County, NY. (207)
child iv. James Sylvester NEEDHAM was born on 20 Oct 1828 in Senaca County, NY. (208)
child v. John Summerfield NEEDHAM was born on 17 Aug 1831 in Senaca County, NY. (209) He died on 29 Nov 1852.(210)
child vi. Joseph Chambers NEEDHAM was born on 12 Mar 1834 in Senaca County, NY. (211) He died on 24 Nov 1872.

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