8. Arthur HIMEBAUGH was born on 18 Jan 1867 in Bronson Twp., Branch County, MI. He died on 14 Feb 1922 in Battle Creek, Calhoun County, MI. He was buried in Fry Cemetery, Bronson, Branch County, MI.(14) He was married to Violetta M. HOPKINS on 20 Aug 1887 in Bronson, Branch County, MI.

Arthur Himebaugh, the only son of Daniel A. and Emily Himebaugh, was born on the family farm in 'Dutch Settlement', Bronson Township, January 18, 1867, and died in Battle Creek on February 14, 1922. He married Violetta Hopkins of Bronson. They lived in Branch County most of there lives, and had 11 children.

Six years after the death of Arthur, Violetta married W. H. Clifton, on March 31, 1928.

On August 8, 1948 at the time of the twentieth Himebaugh family reunion at Sand Lake, St. Joseph County, Michigan, the minutes stated that Violetta was living at 120 Webber Street, Battle Creek, Michigan. She was 79 years old at the time. She had 10 children living, 51 grandchildren, and 58 great-grandchildren.

9. Violetta M. HOPKINS was born on 5 Aug 1869 in Bronson Twp., Branch County, MI.(15) She died on 3 Dec 1952 in Battle Creek, Calhoun County, MI. She was buried in Fry Cemetery, Bronson, Branch County, MI. (16) Children were:

child i. Minnie HIMEBAUGH was born on 19 Mar 1889 in Bronson Twp, Branch County, MI. (17) She died on 5 Jul 1958. (18) Minnie was the oldest child of Arthur and Violetta. She married Ray Finisy in Coldwater in 1908. They lived in Orland, Indiania and Branch County, Michigan. They had seven children.
child ii. J. Daniel HIMEBAUGH was born in 1891.(19) He died in 1967.(20) J. D. married May and they lived near Bronson most of their lives. They had eight children.
child4 iii. A. Leason HIMEBAUGH.
child iv. Helen HIMEBAUGH was born in 1894.(21) She died on 6 Jul 1944.(22) Helen and John Saxman had thirteen children.
child v. Wayne HIMEBAUGH was born on 25 Nov 1895 in Fawn River, Branch County, Michigan. (23) He died on 12 Oct 1955. (24) Wayne served 11 monts overseas in Germany in the First World Was. He settled in Battle Creek following his discharge and married Etta Spencer. There were four sons, two of whom died in infancy.
child vi. Emily HIMEBAUGH was born on 31 Jan 1897.(25) She died on 24 Oct 1950.(26) Emily and Cleon had five children.
child vii. Hazel HIMEBAUGH. Hazel and Sam Stewart had thirteen children. They lived near Elkhart,
child viii. Clifford HIMEBAUGH was born in 1899.(27) Clifford and Vera lived in Battle Creek and had four children.
child ix. Effa HIMEBAUGH was born in 1901.(28) Effa and Earl lived in Battle Creek and had one son, Gerry, in 1933.
child x. Iva HIMEBAUGH was born in 1905.(29) Iva and Ornal resided in Walled Lake, Michigan. They had six children.
child xi. Rhoda HIMEBAUGH was born in 1909.(30) Rhoda and Percy had two sons and lived in Battle Creek, Michigan.

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