The Descendants of John Hustoles (1852-1916)

4. John HUSTOLES was born on 9 Apr 1884 in Pennsylvania.(22) He died on 13 Jun 1947 in Chicago, Cook County, IL. (23) He was a Machinist. He was buried in Mount Carmel Cem., Hillside, IL.(24)

John Hustoles (1. John1) was born in Pennsylvania on April 9, 1884, the son of Bohemian immigrant parents, John and Katherine (Dedecek) Hustoles. The family had immigrated to Pennsylvania in 1881 or 1882 to find work in the coal mines. He was raised the oldest son of five children, having three other sisters, Mary, Anna, and Emilie, and a younger brother, Josef, who died at the age of 16 from tuberculosis. The two oldest girls, Mary and Anna, were born in Bohemia. Then John was born in Pennsylvania, probably shortly after reaching America, for there is some discrepancy in his birth date among varied records. The 1900 federal census lists his birthday as December of 1881. Josef and Emilie were born in Illinois.

It is not known how long the family stayed in Pennsylvania, but they wanted a better life for their children then they had experienced there, in the coal mining towns of Pennsylvania. They packed their meager belongings on a railroad handcar and made their way from Pittsburgh to Chicago along the tracks, pumping by hand the entire way. Whether John, his parents, and two sisters came alone as a family, or with others, is not known; but the trip was hard and filled with interruptions, as the handcar had to be removed from the tracks whenever an oncoming train approached. John was a boy at the time, however the trip to Chicago remained vivid in his mind throughout his later years, as he recalled the story often.

Chicago held the promise of better jobs and new opportunities. As a young man in the city, John found his first employment as a boxmaker in a factory; then in succeeding years as a mechanic, and later as a machinist at the Liggett Tobacco Company. Also it was there that he met his wife to be, Julia Kowalski, born June 26, 1886 in Chicago to Polish immigrant parents, Joseph and Augusta (Kopkowski) Kowalski.

They were married in Chicago on November 2, 1904. Soon they settled into family life, taking on the duties of rearing four children, Joseph, John, Agnes and Florentine. Tragically Julia died of tuberculosis on March 21, 1912 at the age of 25, leaving her husband with four little children under the age of six. Her death was the beginning of a grave chain of events. In the spring, just one month after her passing, the baby died of tuberculosis complicated by spina bifida-she was not quite seven months of age. The following summer in June, the oldest child, Joseph, was taken by scarlet fever. He was barely a seven year old, and had just finished his first year in school. During this time, the two other children, John James and Agnes Marie, were living with their grandparents' Hustoles, as they were of pre-school age and their father alone, could not care for them during the day.

Two and one-half years after the death of Julia, John took a new wife. He desperately needed a mother for his children, and new life for his broken spirit after disease had devastated half his family. On September 5, 1914 he married Katherine Marie Bannon--at nineteen a beautiful lass of Irish decent. She was born September 25, 1895 in Lockport, Illinois, the daughter of John A. Bannon and Julia Aspel. Her maternal grandparents were John and Catherine (Carty) Aspel. They were both born in Ireland, whereas Catherine claimed Dublin as her town of birth.

They started a new family--and from their first union they were blessed with twin girls. Catherine and Marie were born on February 5, 1915, however, due to their premature birth, the twins lived only four days and being too small to survive, they both died on February 9, 1915. Next, Katherine Marie was born May 8, 1916. Rose was born February 1, 1918, but lived only ten months to her death on December 10, 1918. Dolores Ceceila was born three years later on March 18, 1921. And finally, a long awaited boy, James John was born January 22, 1923--for Katherine was fond of boys.

John James and Agnes Marie again moved back with their father and new step-mother, where they resided with their family in Chicago for the rest of their childhood years.

John Hustoles outlived both his wives. He died in Chicago on June 13, 1947 at the age of 63 from colon cancer. Katherine preceded him in death on August 17, 1945. She was 49, and a victim of early heart disease.

He was married to Julia KOWALSKI (daughter of Joseph KOWALSKI and Augusta KOPKOWSKI) on 2 Nov 1904 in Chicago, Cook County, IL.(25) Julia KOWALSKI was born on 26 Jun 1886 in Chicago, Cook County, IL. (26) She was baptized on 27 Jun 1887 in Chicago, Cook County, IL. (27) She died on 21 Mar 1912 in Chicago, Cook County, IL.(28) She was a Packer in factory. She was buried in St. Adelbert Cem, Chicago, IL. (29) John HUSTOLES and Julia KOWALSKI had the following children:

child14 i. Joseph Frank HUSTOLES was born on 16 Mar 1906 in Chicago, Cook County, IL. (30) He died on 9 Jun 1913 in Chicago, Cook County, IL.(31) He was buried in Resurrection Cem., Justice, IL.(32) Joseph died of scarlet fever at age seven.
child+15 ii. John James HUSTOLES
child+16 iii. Agnes Cecelia Marie HUSTOLES
child17 iv. Florentine HUSTOLES was born on 30 Sep 1911 in Chicago, Cook County, IL. (33) She died on 23 Apr 1912 in Chicago, Cook County, IL.(34) She was buried in St. Adelbert Cem., Chicago, IL.(35) Florence died an infant from miliary tuberculosis complicated by spina bifida.

He was married to Katherine Marie BANNON (daughter of John A. BANNON and Julia ASPEL) on 5 Sep 1914 in Chicago, Cook County, IL.(36) Katherine Marie BANNON was born on 25 Sep 1895 in Lockport, Will County, IL.(37) She died on 17 Aug 1945 in Chicago, Cook County, IL.(38) She was a Factory worker. She was buried in Mount Carmel Cem., Hillside, IL. (39) John HUSTOLES and Katherine Marie BANNON had the following children:

child18 i. Catherine (twin) HUSTOLES was born on 5 Feb 1915 in Chicago, Cook County, IL.(40) She died on 9 Feb 1915 in Chicago, Cook County, IL.(41) She was buried in Bohemian National Cem., Chicago.(42) Died an infant, premature birth.
child19 ii. Marie (twin) HUSTOLES was born on 5 Feb 1915 in Chicago, Cook County, IL. (43) She died on 9 Feb 1915 in Chicago, Cook County, IL.(44) She was buried in Bohemian National Cem., Chicago.(45) Died an infant, premature birth.
child+20 iii. Katherine Marie HUSTOLES
child21 iv. Rose HUSTOLES was born on 1 Feb 1918 in Chicago, Cook County, IL. She died on 10 Dec 1918 in Chicago, Cook County, IL.
child+22 v. Dolores Marie HUSTOLES
child+23 vi. James John HUSTOLES

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