The Descendants of John Hustoles (1852-1916)

23. James John HUSTOLES was born on 22 Jan 1923 in Chicago, Cook County, IL. He died on 30 Jun 1986 in Melbourne, FL. He was a Time Study Engineer.

James John Hustoles (3.John2 1.John1) was the last child born to John and Katherine (Bannon) Hustoles on January 22, 1923. He grew up as "Jim" in a very strong Irish-Catholic family, influenced by his mother. He was gentle in nature and quiet-spoken.

After graduation from high school, Jim served in the U.S. Army during World War II. He was stationed in the north of France and saw action during the Battle of the Bulge along the Meuse and Rhine rivers. The Germans began the Battle of the Bulge on December 16, 1944 and by December 27 the Third Army armored units pierced the German lines from the south to halt the offensive and relieve Bastogne, Belgium. Then by early January, 1945 the allies regained all ground lost in the battle.

He returned home unscaded, then decided to take advantage of the GI Bill and continue his education. Jim studied industrial engineering in college. He spent many years working as a time-study engineer in the Chicago area and later in Florida.

On July 3, 1948 Jim married Margaret Catherine Connolley, a petite freckle-faced, vivacious girl with an obvious Irish heritage. She was born in Oak Park, Illinois August 11, 1928, the daughter of Francis A. and Margaret C. (McDermott) Connolley.

Peggy loved children and her life was devoted to providing for her large family. There were seven in all, the first five youngsters being born each a year apart. Their children were born while they were living in Chicago. Then the family moved to the suburbs in the early 1960's, living first in Maywood and then buying a home in Glen Ellyn. After taking all the children on a camping vacation to Florida one year, they decided that this was where they really wanted to live.

Jim applied for work in Florida and after accepting a position there, the family was Florida bound to stay. Their first home in Florida was in Palm Beach Gardens where Jim worked for RCA for four years. After the company downsized and he lost his position, he found work at the Harris Corporation in Melbourne, Florida. Jim and his family spent their remaining years in Melbourne.

Stricken with the debilitating disease Myasthenia gravis, Jim was able to work on only a limited basis. Now it was Peggy's turn to support the household. She worked for a while as a waitress, then found her niche in real estate as a Realtor associate. Jim died on June 30, 1986 in Melbourne following his long illness. He was 62 years of age.

He was married to Margaret Catherine CONNOLLEY (daughter of Francis A. CONNOLLEY and Margaret C. MCDERMOTT) on 3 Jul 1948 in Maywood, Cook County, IL. Margaret Catherine CONNOLLEY was born on 11 Aug 1928 in Oak Park, Cook County, IL. She was a Realtor. James John HUSTOLES and Margaret Catherine CONNOLLEY had the following children:

child+32 i. Margaret Catherine HUSTOLES
child+33 ii. Judith Ann HUSTOLES
child+34 iii. Barbara Jean HUSTOLES
child+35 iv. James Michael HUSTOLES
child36 v. Lawrence John HUSTOLES was born on 21 Oct 1954 in Chicago, Cook County, IL. He was a Nurse.
child+37 vi. Jean Marie HUSTOLES
child+38 vii. Michael Gerard HUSTOLES

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