The Immigrant

1. John HUSTOLES (1852-1916)

1. John Hustoles (pronounced HOO-stoh-letz) was born in Bohemia in January, 1852. His father was Joseph Hustoles determined from records of John’s brother, Joseph. He married Katherine Dedecek in 1875. She was born on May 1, 1852 in Ticinsky, Bohemia, the daughter of Vaclav and Barbora (Pesek) Dedecek.

John Hustoles became a naturalized citizen in Chicago on December 4, 1893, after immigrating to America from Bohemia almost twelve years earlier in either 1881 or 1882. He came to this country with his young family; his wife, Katherine, and two daughters. They left Bohemia to find work in the coal mines of Pennsylvania, probably seeking passage via New York. John was not a miner, but with a mechanical inclination, he would have been employed to keep the machinery in good working order.  They spent some time in Pennsylvania before moving on to Chicago, as their son, John, claimed Pennsylvania as his birthplace.

Katherine bore nine children according to the 1900 Chicago census, but only five were shown in the records as living; they were Mary, Anna, John, Josef, and Emilie. The last two children were born in Chicago. Their oldest daughter, Mary, suffered from seizures, or 'fits' as they were then called, presumably from epilepsy. She spent her lifetime, 44 years, residing with her parents, helping out with daily household duties.

The family settled permanently on the south side of Chicago during the 1890's, renting a home at 2948 Emerald Avenue. John was employed as a metal polisher for a picture frame company, working at that occupation for approximately 14 years.

During the early 1900's tuberculosis was very prevalent, especially in the cities. They lost their son, Josef, to the disease in 1906, at the age of 16. Then, the wife of their son, John succumbed to tuberculosis in 1912, with her baby daughter following that same year. They helped raise John's remaining three children, however the oldest died at their home in 1913 from scarlet fever. Within as few years, death again claimed another at their home. Now, it was John Sr. who died on February 19, 1916; he was 64 and a victim of colon cancer. It was not until twelve years later that Katherine passed away on November 12, 1928 at the home of her daughter, Emilie.

John and Katherine are buried in Resurrection cemetery in a "term burial plot". This was a large section of land where individuals were buried for the term of 25 years. After a set date the section was mounded over with dirt and new burial sites were placed on top of the old. A grave site for Katherine and John no longer remains, only records of their burial at the cemetery office.

He was married to Katherine DEDECEK (daughter of Vaclav DEDECEK and Barbora PESEK) in 1875 in Bohemia. Katherine DEDECEK was born on 1 May 1852 in Ticinsky, Bohemia. (1) She died on 12 Nov 1928 in Chicago, Cook County, IL.(2) She was buried in Resurrection Cem., Justice, IL.(3) John HUSTOLES and Katherine DEDECEK had the following children:

child2 i. Mary HUSTOLES was born in Mar 1877 in Bohemia. (4) She died on 14 Jan 1922 in Chicago, Cook County, IL. (5) She was buried in Resurrection Cem., Justice, IL. (6) Died single. Afflicted with epilepsy, resulting in early death at age 44.
child+3 ii. Anna HUSTOLES
child+4 iii. John HUSTOLES
child5 iv. Josef HUSTOLES was born in Oct 1889 in Chicago, Cook County, IL. (7) He died on 13 Aug 1906 in Chicago, Cook County, IL. (8) He was buried in Resurrection Cem., Justice, IL. (9) Died at sixteen from tuberculosis.
child+6 v. Emilie HUSTOLES

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