The Descendants of John Hustoles (1852-1916)

11. Mildred Blanch STIBUREK was born on 5 Oct 1909 in Chicago, Cook County, IL.  She was married to Thomas BOLTZ on 1 Sept 1928.  Thomas was born 28 Dec 1906 and died 14 Feb 1969.

Mildred Blanch STIBUREK and Thomas BOLTZ had the following children:

child24 i. Thomas James BOLTZ. He was born 2 Aug 1929.  He married Patricia CORREL on 3 Jan 1953.

child25 ii. Patricia Ann BOLTZ. Patricia was born 3 Feb 1933.  She married Charles RICHTER on 19 Apr 1950. Patricia is the mother of nine children.

child26 iii. Gerald Norman BOLTZ. was born 23 Oct 1937.  He married Joanne RAUC on 3 Oct 1959.   He died in 1993.
child27 ii. Donna Muriel BOLTZ. was born 2 Feb 1949.

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